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Suhayl : سهيل
Arabic (m) From the Arabic name of the second brightest star in the sky, known in the western world as Canopus.

399 Muslim and Arabic Male names 293 Muslim and Arabic Female names
A (47)J (18)S (45)A (34)J (10)S (50)
B (24)K (15)T (10)B (8)K (7)T (6)
C (0)L (2)U (4)C (0)L (14)U (1)
D (4)M (44)V (0)D (7)M (17)V (0)
E (3)N (18)W (9)E (0)N (21)W (4)
F (28)O (2)X (0)F (21)O (0)X (0)
G (12)P (0)Y (11)G (10)P (0)Y (4)
H (37)Q (5)Z (18)H (27)Q (0)Z (16)
I (21)R (22)I (12)R (24)

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