Arabic names & meanings: Fikri

Fikri : فكريّ
Arabic (m) Means "intellectual" in Arabic.

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Fidda (f): فضّة
Origin: Arabic Means "silver" in Arabic.
Fihr (m):
Origin: Arabic Means "stone pestle" in Arabic.
Fikri (m): فكريّ
Origin: Arabic Means "intellectual" in Arabic.
Fikriyya (f): فكريّة
Origin: Arabic Feminine form of FIKRI Related: FIKRI
Firdaus (m): فردوس
Origin: Arabic, Iranian Derived from the Arabic word فردوس (firdaws) meaning "paradise", ultimately derived from Avestan pairidaeza meaning "garden, enclosure".
Firdos (m): فردوس
Origin: Arabic Variant transcription of FIRDAUS Related: FIRDAUS
Firuz (m): فيروز
Origin: Iranian, Arabic Means "successful" in Persian.
Fizza (f): فضّة
Origin: Arabic Variant transcription of FIDDA Related: FIDDA

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