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Why learn Arabic and why with Arabic-Online?

Whether you are interested in learning Arabic for educational or cultural reasons or simply because you want to impress a friend, it is easier than you may think. It is fourth most prevalent after Chinese, Spanish and English, the official language in 22 countries, spoken by more than 250 million people. It is also the second language in many Islamic countries because It is considered the spiritual language of Islam -one of the world's major religions- (we're talking here about more than 1.2 billion people). It is one of the permanent languages in the United Nations.

If you have tried and failed or never really had the opportunity to learn Arabic – now is the time to join and grab Arabic once and for all, this is a learning experience like no other!

We consistently receive excellent feedback on our Arabic tutors from our students, as we only select the highest quality tutors for you; our tutor's background and experience speak for themselves.

We have a terrific team of qualified native-speaker Arabic teachers who will ensure you benefit from a lesson / course designed specifically around your needs, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner with more specialised requirements.

We have both male and female teachers, so the students have full freedom and comfort with their teachers.

Your teacher will conduct your Arabic lesson almost entirely in Arabic (with occasional help if you really struggle) – a method known as the Communicative Approach - and you will find yourself making progress from the very first lesson and soon growing in the confidence to communicate in Arabic in a variety of social and spiritual gatherings. Your recitation of the Qur’an, reading of hadith, making duwa will have a more heart felt warmth, you will be able to decode some of the words if not all of them. Take part in conversations, watch Arabic TV channels and even read Arab newspapers.

1 to 1 and Group Arabic Sessions / Courses

Our Arabic language courses are available on both a 1 to 1 and group basis, but the majority of our students prefer 1 to 1 sessions. However, with careful planning, group sessions can offer great value for money, provided there is a real commitment from the participants to get together at the same time every week. We strongly recommend you keep group numbers to 6 or less for these types of courses to be successful.

Those learning Arabic on a 1to1 basis will naturally make much faster progress, as the course will be designed around your individual needs and focus on your particular strengths and weaknesses.

Arabic Course Content

The content of your Arabic language course will reflect your level and your particular objectives. We will assess your Arabic language level before your set of lessons / course, and discuss with you in detail the subject areas you wish to focus on. Kitab Alasasi, Medina books, also We have our own syllabus and curriculum too.

You may be a complete beginner looking for day-to-day Arabic ‘survival’ language skills, or a more proficient Arabic speaker needing to improve your fluency when travelling or for business in a multinational company, meetings, discussions and negotiations.

You may want to focus on improving your Arabic for more spiritual reasons like better understanding of Qur’an and Hadith.

Whatever your needs, working with one of our highly experienced Arabic language tutors you can be confident that the content of your Arabic language course will be tailored just for you and that you will soon be meeting your objectives.

Got a question or not sure about something? call on Skype or Call 020 7729 8289 (UK) or simply complete our short Enquiry Form and we will get in touch with you the same day.

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