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Low quality samples - Actual sessions are very clear

Sample Lesson 1 [Student - Abu Musa]
Sample Lesson 2 [Student - Abu Musa]
Sample Lesson 1 [Student - Ahmed]
Sample Lesson 2 [Student - Ahmed]

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Kitab Al Asasi
Vol 1 (Beg)

Kitab Al Asasi
Vol 2 (Int)

Kitab Al Asasi
Vol 3 (Adv)

Arabic at Your Hands
Book 1 (Int)

Arabic at Your Hands
Book 2 (Adv)

MP3 & iPod Language Lessons
Get going with these 30-minute lessons which suit any MP3 player or iPod. Now you can keep learning on the go... no matter where you are.
We’ve kept the phrases short and simple so that you can pick up the essentials of your chosen language fast whilst your're on the move.

Arabic letters

Hear the Arabic letters with words
Hear greetings and more

arabic letters begining middle end

iPod & MP3 Compatible Mini Arabic Courses

Download set of Learning audio course material directly to your MP3 player and start listening and speaking straight away.

With 2 hours in each session your immersed right from the start these sessions encourage a more instinctive approach to language learning.

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