Anna from Italy says:
"I have already done 8 hours and I am very satisfied."

Nessy from London, UK says:
"My teacher is so greattttttttttttt, mashallah, wowowowoowow , seriously she is fantastic, she is so amazingly patient."

Jennifer from USA says:
"My lessons have been wonderful. I am speaking more Arabic after just a few lessons than in 3 years of classroom study!
The teachers are really excellent , and they are so patient."

Daud from, London UK says:
" The lessons are like sitting with the teacher in front of you, it is conducted all in Arabic, and you find yourself speaking from the very start"

Mohammmed from Manchester, UK says:
"This is a very good way to practice, without leaving my country. "

Abu Musa from London, UK says:
"At the end of the 1st lesson I found my self talking Arabic"

Tabraiz from London, UK says:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience."

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